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Project principles

The purpose of this project is to concentrate any PowerBuilder Tools & utilities that could help PowerBuilder Developers in one easy to access location.
Anyone is invited to share here their tools & utilities as long as they agree to :
  • Use the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3) - see licence tab for more information
  • Keep their Tools & Utilities up to date by undertaking to maintain & coordinate maintenance efforts of the project's developers
  • Notify issues
  • Request enhancements

How to participate ?

Anyone can participate at the level he wish :
  • as Coordinator of its tools & utilities,
  • as Developer to help in the maintenance efforts,
  • as Editor to help produce high quality documentations and
  • as Followers to raise issues or request enhancements

To start contributing, simply sign in and adhere to our project !

Tools & Utilities Table of content

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