The share Clip tool helps PowerBuilder and PocketBuilder Developers to share their PowerScript Clip they uses with other members of a project or to reuse them in another version of PowerBuilder and PocketBuilder.


This tool is compatible with every version of PowerBuilder Classic from Version 8 to Version 12.6 and with all versions of PocketBuilder.



How to use it?

The usage of this tool is very simple:
  1. export your clips into a dedicated .INI file
  2. import it in another user's IDE or version of PowerBuilder
To achieve this start the tool and answer to the asked questions according to the action you want to do:
  1. "What do you want to do? »
  2. "For witch product? »
  3. "For witch version of PowerBuilder?" or "For witch version of PocketBuilder?" (according to the answer given at the previous question)
  4. Then finally, click on either the EXPORT or IMPORT button (according to the answer given at the first question above). A dialog is then displayed letting you set the name of the .INI file in the case of EXPORTING clips, or another one, letting select the .INII file to IMPORT.
  5. Use the CLOSE button to quit the tool.
  6. Finally, start your PowerBuilder or PocketBuilder IDE and you will see your imported clips in the corresponding view.

If you include the keyboard shortcuts, please notice that this functionality is not cross version compatible in contrary of the Clip's functionality ; When importing keyboard shortcuts from one version to another one, you may state that some of them, like the standard ones, have been deleted !

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