N_DYNAMIC_MENU::of_insert_menu - Implementation


Insert specified dynamic menu at indicated position under a parent menu.
Existing entries from the insertion position can shifted down or not.


Type Name Description
menu am_parent_menu The parent menu under will be insert am_menu.
integer ai_index The index of the position to insert am_menu under am_parent_menu.
menu am_menu The dynamic menu to be inserted under am_parent_menu at ai_index position.
boolean ab_shift Whether existing entries below ai_index will be shifted down or not:
True, shift down existing entries starting from ai_index
False, overwrite existing entry under ai_index

Return Value

Type Value Description
integer 1 OK
-1 An error occurs.


Call this method to insert a dynamic menu item under an existing one at specified position, shifting down or not existing entries from insertion position.
Passing zero as ai_index will add the specified menu at the end of the existing ones under am_parent_menu.

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