The Symbolic Constants Manager tool (SCM) is a simple tools designed to help you to manage all the symbolic constants you may use in your programs. It will associate automatically a numeric index as value for each symbolic constant.

The list of constants on the left is known as the Symbolic Constants Definition or SCD thorough this guide.



How to use it?

The usage of this tool is very simple. Use the buttons on right as described below :


Let you select a previously saved SCD file and load its content.


Let you save the actual SCD into a file.


Let you paste the content of the clipboard into the list. You can copy existing constants definitions from your code ( the selected text should include the equal sign) and paste it directly. The tool will parse it in order to extract the constants name from the clipboard content.

Add Entry

Let you define a new constant manually by adding a new entry at the end of the list. Simply enter the constant name. Its index will automatically be generated.

Delete Entry

Let you delete the current entry.


Let you copy into clipboard the actual SCD and then paste it into your code in the form of:

constant integer <name> = <Index>

The index values will be aligned at the right of the equal sign if using non proportional fonts like Courrier.


Let you export the actual SCD into an non visual object class export file (.sru) and then import it into needed PBL.
The filename given will be used as the class name that will holds the actual SCD.


Let you sort the SCD content.


Let you filter the SCD content.


Clear the list. Pending changes will be lost.
Use it to start a new SCD from scratch.


Exit the tool.


Display the about dialog.

Symbolic Constants Manager | User's Guide

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