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How to resolve bad runtime reference issue during incremental build in powerbuilder 12.5



Let me go through with client application. We work on patch work during deployment of code at client machine. In patch, we work on some objects and put them in upatch library file called upatch.pbl). we do the incremental build (create pbd file) of this upatch library and deploy it on client machine. We put this pbd file on top in the library list so that Powerbuilder can refer the patch object at first. The problem is during running we get so many bad runtime reference issue which crashes the application. The workaround is to put all the reference object in the patch while making incremental build. We do not get this issue if we run this in development mode (running through pbl) therefore we can not know what object should be included in patch until we run the exe. We test it by running exe and try to find which object reference is missing by testing each screen and process which is very difficult to know. I don't want to include all the object in patch which will increase the size of upatch library. We can run the full build as well otherwise we will have to deploy each pbd object at client machine. What is the best way to get rid of this bad runtime reference issue while making incremental build of the patch library. I need a solid solution of this. Please help me.

Please feel free to ask any question you want to know related to my process which I had described.

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