NEEDS DEVELOPERS TO TESTS POWERSCRIPT SHARING TOOL Keyboard Shortcuts functionnality in depth when trying to share KS across various PB versions

Nov 6, 2014 at 9:24 PM
Hi everybody,

As you know the PowerScript Sharing Tool V12.x R2 has introduced the possibilities to share Keyboard Shortcuts (KSs) with other member of a a developer's team theoretically with any version of PowerBuilder from version 8.X to 12.x.

So I'm searching Developers that can try to share KSs in various PB IDE versions they still have, and in every combination possible to check if everything goes fine - that is that you found all KSs exported from PB version X in the imported PB version Y.

My last tests seems to demonstrate that the exported data from version X is not necessary compatible with all others versions. Indeed, it seems that some KSs disappears in the destination version in comparison of the source one !

The goals of these tests will be to build up a matrix with all combinations of export/import of KSs from/into any version of PB. This would give us an overview of the working and non working combinations leading to figure out why it fails and how to solves this cases.

If someone can find any technical documentations about the way the KSs are stored in the registry across PB versions, it would be of great help !