Project Integration

It is very simple to integrate the DW Row Selection into your application's project.

All you have to do is to follow the steps below:
  1. Download the last available version of the DW Row Selection and extract its archive contents into the desired folder.
  2. Adapt your Application's Target Library List by inserting the DWRS.PBD at the top of the list using the browse button.
  3. Place the provided u_dw control onto a Window or an User-Object:
    • Set the Datawindow controls properties as usual ( datawindowobject, transaction, etc.)
    • In the appropriate event or method, set dynamically the selection style by invoking the of_SetStyle() method:
     dw_1.#RowSelect.of_SetStyle( dw_1.#RowSelect.SINGLE)
  • Available Selection mode are:
Symbol Value Description
SINGLE 1 Single Line Selection Mode
MULTIPLE 2 Multiple Lines Selection Mode
EXTENDED 3 Extended Lines Selection Mode (File Explorer Like)
  • You can also the set dynamically the Keyboard behaviour (enabled by default) :
     dw_1.#RowSelect.of_SetKeyboard( false )

  • OR you can set both Selection Mode & Keyboard Behaviour STATICALLY by setting directly the corresponding properties in the IDE:
2017-02-09 16_54_58-Clipboard.png

(Select Non-Visual Objects List|#rowSelect entry|Contextual Menu|Properties)

And that's all folks !

Developer's Guide | Project Integration

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