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W_WIZARD - Usage

This base ancestor window stand for the GUI of your own wizard.
It is in charge of loading every Wizard's Step and then showing the first step by using the ue_initialize event that is automatically triggered by the standard Open Event of the window control.

Until the first step is displayed, an animated gearing picture is displayed to indicates that the steps are loading.

Then the user can navigate between steps by clicking cb_previous & cb_next buttons.
The corresponding events ue_previousStep and ue_nextStep are then triggered.
Before allowing to go to the next step, the current step is asked to validate himself by calling its ue_validate event.
Depending upon what step is actually displayed, the adequate navigation buttons are enabled or disabled.
The cb_finish button is enabled only when the last step is displayed.

The wizard can be canceled at anytime by clicking the cb_cancel button. This will trigger the ue_cancel event.
Clicking the cb_finish button will trigger the ue_finish event.

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